The Serving Library: Liverpool Biennial 2018: The Fabric of the Planetary Surface – Jussi Parikka

    Unknown Fields in collaboration with Tushar Prakash, Unravelled (film still), 2017
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    The Serving Library: Liverpool Biennial 2018: The Fabric of the Planetary Surface – Jussi Parikka

    Venue: The Serving Library
    Dates: 27/09/18
    Times: 18:30 - 19:30

    The Fabric of the Planetary Surface – Jussi Parikka

    A talk by Jussi Parikka (Professor of Technological Culture and Aesthetics, University of Southampton, UK, and Docent of Digital Culture Theory, University of Turku, Finland) curated by The Serving Library in partnership with LJMU’s Exhibition Research Lab for Liverpool Biennial 2018

    How do we address the ebbs and flows of media culture on a global scale? This talk will address those planetary infrastructures that deliver beautiful things – namely, the factories, production facilities, routes, networks and logistics that make up the fashion industry. Parikka will consider the global character of the textile industry via Unravelled, a recent video-installation by the nomadic, design research studio Unknown Fields Division. The installation is based on recent expeditions to India and Bangladesh and depicts the ‘planetary conveyor belt’ of contemporary fashion.

    Jussi Parikka (b.1976) is Professor in Technological Culture & Aesthetics at the Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton) and Docent of Digital Culture Theory at the University of Turku, Finland. His work has addressed a wide range of topics contributing to a critical understanding of network culture, aesthetics, and media archaeology of contemporary society. His books include the media ecology trilogy Digital Contagions (2007 and 2016), the award-winning Insect Media (2010) and most recently, A Geology of Media (2015), which addresses the environmental contexts of technical media culture.

    Join us from 6pm for drinks and conversation ahead of a prompt 6.30pm start.

    This event is part of the public programme for Liverpool Biennial 2018, which includes a series of talks by leading thinkers and artists in response to the question Beautiful world, where are you?