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Events, Exhibition & Opportunities Listings: for all listings, please send as much detail as possible to (see below for guidance)

PR, Marketing & General Enquiries: all enquires can be submitted to Info, where we respond to any press, media, gallery or artist enquiries

Newspaper & Independents Biennial: for all enquiries relating to paid advertising or Independents Biennial


Listing Guidelines:

To help us process your events, as quickly as possible, please use the guidance below (NOTE: for jobs & opportunities, the guidance is the same, but please do not include images)

  • Images:
    • 1 image per event¬†
    • No more than 1MB per image
    • We can use images in any dimensions but landscape is preferred
  • Text:
    • Send all text, either in the body of an email, or a plain word document. Any text sent within an image (eg. a poster) cannot be included.
    • Word documents are preferred to pdfs, but both are usable.
    • We advise sending over as much information as possible, in the format you would like to see it listed. Consider how readers will find your information, and what you want them to take away. We suggest including all artist names, a detailed description of the exhibition / event, and clear information of dates and times.
  • Details:
    • Please make sure event title, location, dates and time and clearly stated at the top of any listings.

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