Our new directory pages are free to use and list for artists and audiences alike.

New for 2020, specifically as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, is a live exhibition page. This page gives readers access to the skeletons of exhibitions around Merseyside, and will hopefully continue to do just that. While physical access to exhibitions is critically important to see, use and understand the work being made, there are often circumstances that makes that work inaccessible. The isolation of 1/3 of the planet’s human inhabitants has accelerated these pages and their mapping so there will be bugs (please email if you have ANY issues), but we thought it was important to make the resource available as quickly as possible, rather than hold out for a shiny new product.

Our Artist A-Z has existed since the launch of Art in Liverpool in 2004, but is being slowly updated to reflect the current cohort of artists in Merseyside. Please get in touch if you’re a studio group or independent artist living or working in the region.

Our Venues pages have also existed since 2004, with current and upcoming events as well as archives back to 2004.