Metal: The Venus Collective Presents: The Virgin Suicides

Metal: The Venus Collective Presents: The Virgin Suicides
Metal: The Venus Collective Presents: The Virgin Suicides

Venue: Metal at Edge Hill Station
Dates: 28/09/2018
Times: 19:30 - 22:30

The Venus Collective Presents: The Virgin Suicides

The Venus Collective presents a special immersive screening of Sofia Coppola’s cult classic The Virgin Suicides as part of our Screen Queens series which celebrates and champions female directors. Taking inspo from girly teenage sleepovers we will be transforming the space to look like an early 00’s bedroom, think Groovy Chick, beaded curtains, bean bags and Dream Phone!

By way of introduction to the film The Virgin Suicides, we invite Dr Sian Lincoln to talk about her work on teenage girls and their bedrooms. In the film, the bedroom plays a focal part in the girls’ lives and is the site of the first suicide. In her talk, Sian considers the role and significance of the teenage bedroom as a key space through which teenage lives and identities play out. More specifically, she talks about the significance of bedrooms in teenage girls life today, as they interact in a complex world of social media that comes with multiple pressures to perform and manage identities in very specific ways. Does the bedroom provide a sanctuary away from these pressures? Or does social media inevitably infiltrate the bedroom regardless? What role do bedrooms play in girls health and wellbeing in a burgeoning digital world?

This event is open to everyone, if you have any specific access requirements please contact Tasmin at For anyone who is worried about attending alone please get in contact with us and we can make sure a member of the collective is there to make you feel welcome! Concession tickets available for students, unemployed or generally just a bit skint!

Come and support your local girl gang! Tickets available here


This project is supported by Film Hub North, proud to be part of the BFI Film Audience Network