LEAP 2018: North West Seen: Part 1

LEAP 2018: North West Seen: Part 1

Venue: Cornerstone
Dates: 09/11/2018
Times: 19:00

Friday 9 November, 7pm
The Warehouse Studio Theatre, Hope University Creative Campus
Tickets: £9.50 / £7.50

LEAP 2018 presents a selection of new works and work-in-progress from North West artists, exploring topical and thought-provoking issues.

North West Seen: Part 1 is a mixed bill featuring Kate Jackson, Baba Yaga and Paula Hampson.

KATE JACKSON will present a solo work exploring international terrorism and forms of supporting and harnessing the radical ability to survive and recover we have within us.

BABA YAGA is a duo of Aline Costa and Martin Shead. Their piece, The Whispers enacts the awakening of a woman, full of light, beauty and joy, to the objectification of the female body and the pressures of a world dominated by men and oppressed by stereotypes.

PAULA HAMPSON closes the show with Holding Light, an improvised dance exploration reflecting moments drawn from Paula’s work with Kinship carers in Liverpool.

‘When the heart loves unconditionally we find strength to care for what we believe in’.