LEAP 2018: Cultiv8 Mixed Bill Performance

LEAP 2018: Cultiv8 Mixed Bill Performance

Venue: Cornerstone
Dates: 08/11/2018
Times: 18:00 - 19:00

Thursday 8 November, 6-7pm
Hope University Creative Campus
Tickets: £9.50 / £7.50

Solo performances from a diverse group of women that takes the temperature of Black Dance in the UK today:

Claricia Parinussa
Anon. [allochtoon]
belum: not yet, not as yet (Behasa Indonesie)
This work forms the departure point of a research inquiry into the history of Indonesia under the Netherlands colonial rule. Exploring the effects on the indigenous communities enlisted in the Dutch military before, during and after WWII, the inquiry considers questions of coercion, oppression, autonomy and resilience.

Nafisah Baba
choreographed by Nafisah Baba.
Near the place where your feet pass: 
a collaboration between Laila Diallo and Nafisah Baba.
Nafisah Baba was named BBC Young Dancer 2017 and has worked with Phoenix Dance Theatre as well as developing her own solo practice.

Charlene Kaliyati

African contemporary performance, the inspiration coming from the dancer’s mother, portraying the story of a strong black woman, with a message of empowering females through dance. The piece utilises autobiographical techniques and draws upon Charlene Kaliyati’s own experiences of overcoming situations.