LEAP 2018: Uchenna Dance: The Head Wrap Diaries

LEAP 2018: Uchenna Dance: The Head Wrap Diaries

Venue: Cornerstone
Date(s): 8.11.18
Time(s): 20:00

Thursday 8 November, 8pm
The Capstone Theatre, Hope University Creative Campus
Tickets: £11.50 / £9.50

Set in a South London hair-salon called BE-U-Tiful, three fierce, witty women share stories of community, heritage, womanhood, friendship, and most importantly, hair.Be immersed in a journey from childhood to the present day, told through a unique blend of House, Waacking, Vogue, African and Contemporary dance, accompanied by a specially commissioned soundtrack of Afro house, folk, electronic dance music, jazz and Ghanaian gospel.

Pre-show – visit our pop-up art explorationart installation
Post-show – visit the Head Wrap Bar and meet the company, share experiences, have a drink and test out some head wrapping for yourself. Don’t forget to bring your fabrics!

This show is presented as part of Cultiv8, LEAP 2018’s day-long celebration of Strong Black Women in Dance, including workshops, performances and an engaging seminar and debate, led by some of the key women from the UK’s African People’s Dance community. Tickets purchased for Cultiv8 included a seat at this performance.