Wayfarers Arcade: Art For Macmillan

Wayfarers Arcade: Art For Macmillan

Wayfarers Arcade: Art For Macmillan

Venue: Wayfarers Arcade
Date(s): 5.7.16 - 24.7.16
Time(s): 10:30 - 17:00

Art For Macmillan at Wayfarers Arcade– Summer 2016

Art For Macmillan Cancer Support is pleased to announce its return to Wayfarers Arcade after a year of involvement in fundraising exhibitions and events in other parts of the region. The charitable art and craft organisation has become an important part of the Wayfarers establishment over the past five years, having exhibited there on numerous occasions.

Art For Macmillan’s fundraising artists will be holding two exhibitions in Wayfarers Arcade this Summer:
Tuesday 5 – Sunday 24 July and Tuesday 16 August – Sunday 4 September 2016.

The Macmillan Artists have been eager to display their work and demonstrate their skills to the public in Wayfarers Arcade again as it provides a fantastic setting for creative activities: its classically excellent Victorian architecture exemplifies iconic cultural status within Southport’s central shopping district. We also appreciate the tremendous amount of assistance given by Wayfarers staff and management without whom our artistic ventures would not succeed. They are an asset to the town.

Art For Macmillan’s exhibitions feature work by some of the area’s leading creative talent and include images and three dimensional art created in a wide variety of styles and media ranging from traditional watercolours to multi –media constructions.

The exhibitions are guaranteed to satisfy all needs for art and craft gifts and mementos of the area with a great selection of art portraying Southport’s landmarks and the surrounding locality.
The exhibitions are open daily from Monday to Saturday: 10.30 – 17.00 (Sundays 11.00 – 17.00) Free entry.

For full details regarding demonstrations by exhibitors look online: www.artformacmillancancersupport.co.uk

Art For Macmillan at Unit 33, Wayfarers Arcade, Lord Street, Southport, PR8 1NT

Participating artists  include:

Daniel Adler : a Southport artist whose work exemplifies a unique viewpoint involving symmetry and changes in scale which create an overall visual flow and perceptive challenge. Daniel  has a condition called Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a form of autism. It provides him with an ability to focus on painting the areas of precise detail present in his work which is comprised of multitudes of abstract patterns and impossible perspective. The degree of concentration required for painting them is immense.

Teresa Bullen: creates artwork which represents human interaction with nature and the environment; she finds the North West Coast very inspirational and has had a lifelong love of it. Her work  combines  two dimensional imagery, usually created through painting and photography with natural and manmade objects which she uses to enhance the work’s expression of this synergy .  Many of her creations depict a personal unification with landscapes upon which she sculpts and crafts elaborations which stem from them.

John West: a master of the watercolour medium resulting from his fifty years of experience in its use. The pace of his painting style is swift and his ability to include such intricate detail within the fluidity of the medium is amazing. He belongs to the traditional school of watercolour painting which adheres to the purity of the medium but his methods are diverse, ranging from vaporous, broad strokes to more precise movements with slimmer brushes. His favourite subjects include local coastal features and Sefton’s landscapes

Gary Gray: Winner of Country File’s Photographer of The Year Award in 2010. Gary professes  one of the motivating factors behind his art as being: “to capture that moment of light”. Gary goes to great and sometimes treacherous lengths to reach an intended vantage point: much of his work transpires in The Lake District and Scotland. His portrayal of land and waterscapes is varied, ranging from tranquil, relaxing lowland scenery to dramatically rugged mountainous terrain

Walter Fairclough: At the tender age of eighty two, he has been painting since 1970 and has certainly achieved the status of Old Master. He is a long standing member of Churchtown Art Group. Walter likes to experiment with  flamboyant methods of paint application involving multitudes of streaky colours, sometimes launched from a distance.

Nancy Mariner: a member of Southport Ceramic Painters whose magnificent skill manifests in the imaginative way she uses painted designs to compliment the forms she is decorating; usually household items such as cups, coasters, plates or vases. Her subjects vary and can include everything from animals to abstract shapes and patterns, her compositions possess graphic qualities and she includes thematic relevance within her painted items.

Anton Dolders:  creates pictures of local land, town and waterscapes in oils, acrylics, pastel and pencil. His work focuses on the Southport’s architecture and landmarks;  the River Mersey; the Leeds to Liverpool canal and the North West coastline. He has been drawing and painting since the age of four and much of his work has been described as lifelike.


Gary Gray

Teresa Bullen