Constellations: ArtCycling Popup Print Lab Workshops

Constellations: ArtCycling Popup Print Lab Workshops

Constellations: ArtCycling Popup Print Lab Workshops

Venue: Constellations
Date(s): 6.7.16 - 13.7.16
Time(s): 13:00 - 17:00

Wednesday 6 July 2016, 13.00 – 17.00 
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 13.00 – 17.00

Creative exploration and expression can help to balance our mental and emotional health in many ways, Printing can be a fun and accessible way to embark upon a wonderful creative adventure…often showing us the joys of unexpected results in a simple and accessible way.

Artcycling is a project which aims to combine creativity with community and collaboration and explore the use of upcycled and recycled materials. It is for anyone who wishes explore their creative side, be you an artist, a crafts person, a person who would like to make a few friends or anyone who lives with the challenges of mental, emotional or physical health. We dont really want to use too many labels as people are people at the end of the day. We would just like to help you build and explore some new skills. No experience is necessary though if you have experience in printmaking..we won’t hold it against you!

We invite you to come and explore the versatile nature of screen printing combined with upcycled materials such as t-shirts, table cloths, old duvet covers, cardboard, old wallpaper, tote bags and much more….

The Print labs will be covered over 2 workshops where we will look at design, paper cutting, exposed screen printing, and the use of materials.

You will need to bring any of the following….

old clothes with a smooth surface such as cotton,
maybe you would like spruce up your wardrobe such as an old t-shirt or an old denim jacket, or maybe you could bring a table cloth and turn it into a cushion or a bag…..the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination, the main thing is to experiment freely. We will have some bits to use if you are stuck for what to bring.

The other things you can bring to experiment with making the actual stencils for the screens can include, natural objects ( which are as flat as possible such as leaves, thin twigs, flowers etc) or other bits of paper or packaging such as plastic netting ( the type we buy fruit in) Perhaps you have som old books you would like to adapt and print onto or some furniture with a flat smooth surface. We will discuss this in the first workshop and develop our practice and ideas towards the second the following week.

To experience the workshops in full we recommend you attend both, to develop a better understanding of the process, however if you can only make one, we can accommodate this also.

The workshops are limited to 8 places so booking is essential
(concessional places are available and if you are already a member of the artcycling project then the workshops are free)

If you have any questions about what to bring then e-mail Laura from Paper Moon at
or text Jane from Artcycling on 07722527733.

We are offering the workshops at the subsidised price of £10 per workshop as the project is linked in with a three year Creative Europe project called Artcycling which runs until 2018. More info on this can be found at If you would like to become involved in artcycling please speak to Jane. Given the current political upheavals, this may be a creative way that we can come together and create something positive together.

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