Metal at Edge Hill: Bekki Perriman – The Doorways Project

Metal at Edge Hill: Bekki Perriman - The Doorways Project

Metal at Edge Hill: Bekki Perriman – The Doorways Project

Venue: Metal at Edge Hill Station
Date(s): 7.7.16 - 31.7.16
Time(s): 10:00 - 18:00

Metal are delighted to announce that artist Bekki Perriman will be exhibiting her work The Doorways Project at Edge Hill Station from 7th July 2016.

The Doorways Project is a touring, site-specific sound installation. It explores homeless culture through the personal stories of society’s most silenced people.

Inspired by her experience of life on the streets, Bekki’s direct and unsentimental approach investigates the personal, social and political dimensions of homelessness. Her work considers public attitudes to disability and the role of art in making the invisible present.

Situated in the doorways around Edge Hill train station, the installation is a reflection on the spatial experience of life in the city. Through a series of recorded monologues, audiences are invited to intimately engage with the difficult (and mostly ignored) experience of homelessness, and hear first-hand the challenges it presents. It is a unique opportunity to observe a familiar environment from a different perspective.

The project is an ambitious attempt to discuss the subject of homelessness in a non-judgemental and honest exploration, telling the stories of homeless people in ways that differ from the ‘deficit model’ where homeless people are portrayed as victims. The project reverses this model by giving homeless people a voice and focusing on the realities of street life through personal experience. The direct voice, apart from asserting its human presence, enables listeners to connect on a personal level and enter the speaker’s world of experience.

The Doorways Project will be at Edge Hill Station from 7th until 31st July. The artwork is accessible from the station itself, and will be open each day during station opening hours.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition Metal will be collecting donations for the Real Love Liverpool Street Team. To see a list of requested items click here.

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