Warrington Museum & Art Gallery: Expressions of a Dawn Chorus

Warrington Museum & Art Gallery: Expressions of a Dawn Chorus

Warrington Museum & Art Gallery: Expressions of a Dawn Chorus

Venue: Warrington Museum & Art Gallery
Date(s): 2.7.16 - 10.9.16
Time(s): All Day

Katie Murray, the winner of last year’s Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival (WCAF) open art competition, is proud to display her first solo exhibition.

Expressions of a Dawn Chorus is a collection of pen on paper drawings building on the piece by the same name which won Katie the title in 2015.

Her work is inspired by her experiences in different environments, from witnessing the dawn chorus to the sounds of a still forest or the suburbs.

By wearing a blindfold and reacting to the sounds around her, the work is a direct response to the moment.

Katie is delighted to have built on the success of her WCAF win by earning her own solo exhibition, which is open to the public now.

She said: “Since I won last year I have been making lots more work and feel good about the outcomes.  This is my first solo show and it’s really exciting.”

Katie’s job as an outdoor educator, currently in Hong Kong, provides her with the inspiration she needs to expand her body of work and improve her skills.

“I spend so much time in the outdoors, hiking and climbing in the mountains and kayaking on the sea for work and pleasure that I wanted to create some artwork as a reflection of my experiences.

“This all began while listening to the dawn chorus one morning: I started making marks on a small sketch pad and it went from there.

“My ambition is to continue enjoying making artwork and to get more opportunities to exhibit,” she added.

Derek Dick, outreach and engagement manager, said: “Katie’s work impressed judges at last year’s festival so we were delighted to offer her a solo exhibition which builds on that success here at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery.

“This year’s Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival returns in October and we are again inviting artists of all ages and abilities, professional or amateur, to enter for the opportunity to win a solo exhibition.”

Entries for the open competitions in art and photography can be submitted fromFriday 29 July until Friday 26 August at www.warringtonartsfestival.co.uk