Road Studios: Light Night Events

Road Studios: Light Night Events

Road Studios: Light Night Events

Venue: Road Studios
Date(s): 13.5.16
Time(s): 18:30

It’s nearly one whole year after Road Studios opened their doors to the public for “Beyond the New World”, part of the Light Night 2015. This year, we are happy to be welcoming Light Night attendees into the Studio once again for the 2016 event.

In conjunction with this year’s theme, “Experiment,” we are holding an array of interactive events that sees you pit your wits against our resident artists, make your own variation on some weird creatures, or simply enjoy observing where the magic happens in a series of micro-exhibitions in our open-plan loft space.

A little more about what you can expect:
You are in control! Our artists are tasked with producing an image on a tablet device where they can be observed by Light Night attendees. This image will be projected at another location, where you, the audience can tweet your recommendations to the artist using the hashtag #sketchsperiment. How will the artist survive the scrutiny when they hand over the reins of creativity?

Exquisite Corpse
Don’t you just love that folded paper game that children play? (You know the one: you fold a piece of paper and draw a head, shoulders and feet, swapping each time with friends?) Imagine that on a larger scale – You can invent some whacky monsters never before seen and never to be repeated.

Micro-exhibitions/Open Studios
Always a hit! See where art comes to life in our open plan studio spaces. The artists will be putting their work on show and you can pick their brains about painting, sculpture, design or whatever you are into.

We look forward to seeing you on the night.
Doors are open from 18.30 until late.
We are located on the top floor of 69 Victoria Street, Liverpool City Centre, L1 6DE. Access is via stairs only.

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Light Night is a city-wide event with events happening all over the centre of Liverpool, starting from 17.00 and going on until late.
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