Bluecoat Display Centre: Talk by Ceramicist Jin Eui Kim

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    Bluecoat Display Centre: Talk by Ceramicist Jin Eui Kim

    Venue: Bluecoat Display Centre
    Dates: 13/05/16
    Times: 17:00

    Jin Eui Kim – Light Night – Friday 13 May 2016, 17.00

    ‘In the Window’ artist for May Jin Eui Kim will be at the Bluecoat Display Centre at 5pm to give a fascinating insight into his work and the techniques used to create his amazing illusory ceramics.

    Jin Eui Kim uses subtle tones of colour and monochrome applied to the surface of ceramics to explore how perception can be altered. He graduates each line and uses different types of width, interval, tone and spacing to create various impressions to the eye.

    “My work explores how the perception of three-dimensional ceramic forms can be manipulated by the application of arrangements of bands on their surfaces. Depending on the arrangement of tonal bands, using gradients of width, interval or tone and contrast, illusory spatial phenomena can appear and thus significantly influence the actual three-dimensional forms.”

    Bluecoat Display Centre on Light Night – open from 10am -7pm