Warrington Museum & Art Gallery: Hot Bed Press: Think Ink

Warrington Museum & Art Gallery: Hot Bed Press: Think Ink Warrington Museum & Art Gallery: Hot Bed Press: Think Ink

Venue: Warrington Museum & Art Gallery
Dates: 11/11/2017 - 24/02/2018
Times: All Day

Warrington Museum & Art Gallery: Hot Bed Press: Think Ink

Date(s)/Time: Saturday 11 Nov 2017 – Saturday 24 Feb 2018, All Day

Ticket Price: Free

Contemporary prints by some of the 270 members of Hot Bed Press Printmakers’ Studio in Salford. This diverse variety of original screenprints, etchings, relief prints, monoprints, and collagraphs give an insight into why more and more artists are turning to printmaking. The subject matter and styles range from interpretations of landscapes to figurative work and onto more abstract and ethereal responses to colour and composition. The nature of the methods of printmaking used by each artist can influence the development of their works as the interaction and relationship to materials, chemicals, inks and papers take their place in the creative thought and decision making process. The passion for print soon takes hold.

About the Hot Bed Press

Hot Bed Press is now one of the largest open access print studios in the UK. In early 2017, supported by a grant from Arts Council England, they were successful in purchasing the large Victorian warehouse building they have made their home since 2006. Set amongst the newly sprawling metropolis joining Salford with Manchester for an independent not-for-profit organisation to now own and manage a building of this size to grow into and flourish in is a huge statement.

“We can now go on to achieve some of our more ambitious plans. Since buying the building we have more than doubled the workspace making it lighter and brighter. We have created new studios, and brought in more screenprinting, etching and letterpress equipment and the place is abuzz with artists every day. The printmaking happening here has also already grown in confidence and ambition as a result and we are seeing more and more artists going on to greater things the more we grow. We are now starting to plan towards the bigger development of a 30,000sq ft centre for printmaking as we aim to take on the whole building within the next few years. By 2020 Hot Bed Press will be world class and help support and develop printmaking on a national and global level.” – Sean Rorke, Artistic Director