Chester Art Centre: Petals and Claws – Revisiting The Owl Service

    Location (with MAP): Chester Arts Centre
    Date/Time: 12 November 2017. - 1 December 2017. All Day
    Event: Exhibition - Chester Art Centre: Petals and Claws – Revisiting The Owl Service
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    Petals and Claws Art Exhibition – Revisiting The Owl Service fifty years on

    In August 1967 the acclaimed British author, Alan Garner OBE, published the classic children’s book The Owl Service. This supernatural thriller tells the story of Alison, Roger and Gwyn and their unwilling involvement in the recurring curse of Blodeuwedd, Lleu and Gronw.

    It is a tale of love, supernatural possession, murder and eventual redemption, all played out in a remote valley in rural North Wales. The story revolves around the ancient tale of Blodeuwedd, from the Welsh chronicles of mythology The Mabinogion. In The Owl Service, this tragic story is replayed generation after generation, reliving the cursed love triangle that ensnared Blodeuwedd, Lleu and Gronw.

    Photographer, David Heke, has been collaborating with Alan and Griselda Garner on a number of projects. Following a conversation around the kitchen table in their 15th-century farmhouse, about the forthcoming fiftieth anniversary of The Owl Service, the germ of the idea for this project was born.

    Bringing together a multi-disciplinary group of artists from either side of the Welsh/English border, this collaboration explores and celebrates this ground-breaking story and it’s origins in Welsh myth.

    You are invited to the exhibition opening at Chester Art Centre on 12 Novemberbetween 4 PM and 6 PM. It is going to be FASCINATING!