Toxteth TV: BlackFest Festival 2021: Arts Council Surgery

Toxteth TV: BlackFest Festival 2021: Arts Council Surgery

Toxteth TV: BlackFest Festival 2021: Arts Council Surgery

Date(s): 21.9.21
Time(s): 17:00 - 19:00

BlackFest Festival 2021 presents Arts Council Surgery. A Chance and Space To Interact With and Question A Top Arts Funding Organisation


Our mission and values will always be to support artists to access funding themselves and become sustainable further developing their understanding of funding avaible to them.

We have 3 representatives coming to deliver sessions on project grants and developing your own practice:

Afreena Islam-Wright – Diversity Relationship Manager, North

Victoria (Vicky) Merriman – Relationship Manager- Music and Music Education hubs

Nikki Harrison-Davis- Relationship Manager Combined Arts


Project Grants

Project Grants is already able to support a really broad range of types of activity. ACE can support projects that directly create and deliver creative and cultural activity and content for audiences, visitors and digital users, and also those that have a long term impact on strengthening the sector, such as organisational development, research and development and sector support. ACE will continue to support a wide range of different applications, from organisations and from individuals. You can apply for grants of 0 – £15, 000+.

Developing Your Own Practice

The programme is to support wider creative development to enable more practitioners to reshape and redefine their practice in the new climate. Developing your Creative Practice (DYCP) supports the development of independent cultural and creative practitioners. This programme will give individuals the opportunity to apply for £2,000 to £10,000, to take a dedicated period of time to focus on their own cultural and creative development, and take them to the next stage in their practice.

We also have 5 one to one slots available with our Arts Council guests on a first-come-first-serve basis, please email to secure your space.