The World of Glass: Little Wonders

The World of Glass: Little Wonders

The World of Glass: Little Wonders

Date(s): 10.7.21 - 3.9.21
Time(s): All Day

The World of Glass hosts another first with the illustration exhibition Little Wonders. With so much to see and be inspired by, this exhibition is sure to delight young families throughout the summer. It runs Monday – Saturday 10 – 5pm and is completely free.

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Maxine Lee-Mackie has been published in many countries, illustrated dozens of books and can even count Disney as one her clients. In this exhibition we get to see pages from books before they go to print, alongside examples of her finished pieces. Lee-Mackie says of her work: “Looking back at the narratives and environments that surrounded me as a child, both imagined and real, has been a constant source of inspiration. I am fascinated by other people’s perceptions and observations of what they see when they look at my illustrations. Do they see their own translation of the world, or do they see mine?” The collection has a real magical feel and children can get their photos taken next to Red Riding Hood and the Wolf or Orme the Viking. She says: “I use fairy tales and folklore, animal companions, and outdoor settings as common themes. Familiar childhood icons are used to explore the gap between the nostalgic and the actual childhood experience.”

Emma Jayne Allsup’s work has been used by H&M and M&S to name just two of her clients. Her illustrations show a curiosity about the environment and sea creatures, with all the different shapes and colours they come in. Jayne says: “My aim was to capture the

beauty of what lies beneath our oceans. You could say that it is an other world down there.”

Illustrator and pattern designer Lois Tierney has used art to highlight the diversity of autistic people and to celebrate them. 18 of the portraits of Tierney’s autistic friends and peers from Spectrum are on display here. The Walker Art Gallery commissioned Tierney to create prints for the Coming Out exhibition and those playful illustrated slogans make up part of this exhibition. Her work on display shows the power of illustration to communicate often very complex messages.

Running through the summer at The World of Glass (St Helens) until 3rd September 2021.