Tate Liverpool: Food Rituals

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    Tate Liverpool: Food Rituals

    Venue: Tate Liverpool
    Dates: 23/06/18
    Times: 14:00 - 19:00

    23 JUNE 2018 AT 14.00–16.00

    From the everyday to the celebration, share your food stories

    Join Liverpool-based food artists FoodSketz for lunch and a discussion about your dining rituals.

    Rooted in Liverpool 8 since 2007, Squash is a dynamic food, arts and environmental-focused social enterprise. Grown by a diverse group of local people, with backgrounds in and passion for cooking, horticulture, visual arts, film-making, performance and architecture, they are committed to participatory social change by means of bold, creative approaches.

    Squash embrace the potential of local people by together reclaiming food production via food growing, cooking and culinary craft skills. They explore new ways for their neighbourhood to flourish; creating special, celebratory events and through their four-season Food for Real arts festival. Go and visit their new home: SQUASH; a pioneering, community-designed food space on Windsor Street.