Sudley House: Home and Away

Sudley House: Home and Away

Sudley House: Home and Away

Venue: Sudley House
Date(s): 18.5.21 - 28.2.26
Time(s): All Day

Home and Away
This exhibition features paintings of local Liverpool views and faraway places.

Home and Away is a new exhibition featuring paintings of both foreign and local views.

The foreign views are all from the collection of George Holt, the former resident of Sudley House. These paintings of faraway places highlight the Holt family’s interest in travel, foreign countries and local customs. It is more than a decade since many of these works have been on display.

The exhibition also includes views of Liverpool and the local area in the 19th century, while the Holts were at Sudley. These paintings largely come from the Walker Art Gallery’s collection and give a wonderful idea of what the Holts would have seen as they went into the city for shopping, business or leisure. There are also views of the Wirral when it was still very rural.

The display includes two works by John Atkinson Grimshaw of Liverpool’s Custom House on the dock road in moonlight; a building which was severely damaged during the Liverpool Blitz and later demolished. Paintings by Jean Leon Gerome, Thomas Creswick, Frederick Goodall, Charles Trevor Prescott and Eduardo de Martino are also on display.

Lead image: Bold Street from Waterloo Place (detail) by Charles Trevor Prescott