Cognitive Sensations: The Downloadable Brain Opening Event

Cognitive Sensations: The Downloadable Brain Opening Event Cognitive Sensations: The Downloadable Brain Opening Event

Dates: 12/05/2021
Times: 00:00

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Exploring the central interface between human emotion and computational intelligence — the brain. Cognitive Sensations is pleased to announce a three-month public programme, launching with an immersive digital artwork by Sarah Selby.

You are invited to be the first to experience the artwork and learn more about our plans at our Opening Event. Founder Gabriella Warren-Smith will unveil her ambitious programme — revealing plans for Marcos Lutyens’ immersive artwork exploring emotion tracking, an AR exhibition by emerging artists Ash//Ella, and a short story by writer Stephen Oram.

The Concept:

Decisions, emotions and everyday movements are traced by the technological giants of our society, making personal data the currency of the 21st century. This information is key in the economic and social climate of the digital age. It is mined to profile predictions around an individual’s consumer habits, as well as their online consumption and behaviour. Cognitive Sensations seeks to delve a little deeper into the future of this narrative, drawing upon the central interface of this story; the brain.

‘The Downloadable Brain’ is a programme which examines the biological connection between humans and technology. It visualises and imagines a foreseeable future of sentient machines and the rise of Artificial Intelligence. It is a world of immense biological and technological innovation. A space where emotional and computational intelligence meet, where the industry of artificial brains and cyborgs is born.

The conditions and rules for this digital future have yet to be determined. Yet the symbiosis between humans and AI draws increasingly closer. Progression in BCI and neural-lace technology enable human thought to be read and stored by machines, and humans in turn can nudge screen activity through the power of their thoughts alone. What should we expect as brain reading technology becomes increasingly embedded within society?

About Cognitive Sensations:

Cognitive Sensations is a CIC that supports artists and creative practitioners in the production of content exploring the impact of technology on society. We present our work through curated seasons, building multidisciplinary research at the intersection between art, science and digital culture. Working with people from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, CS produces events, commissions artworks (offline and online), publishes articles and curates exhibitions.

CS projects examine the continuous rise of technological engagement amongst society, affecting how we work, communicate and interact with information. Our content raises critical awareness around the social issues which arise through the mediation of these experiences.

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