Staacks: “Coastal Patch” by Elaine Adams

Staacks: “Coastal Patch” by Elaine Adams

Staacks: “Coastal Patch” by Elaine Adams

Venue: Staacks
Date(s): 1.4.19 - 30.4.19
Time(s): All Day

“Coastal Patch” by Elaine Adams

I enjoy the challenges of a rugged and windswept landscape or coastline, and the fleeting effects of light on colour which impacts strongly on my work in both felt and paint.

This body of work draws on visual studies, memories and physical experiences of the fluid foreshores and estuaries along the Cornish coastline, where the purity of light enhances colour, texture and abstract forms. Born from my longstanding connection with Porthmeor beach, many of the pieces recall moments in time, reflecting its shifting nature.

Colour and movement are pivotal in my work as I set out to represent the patterns created by changing tides, weather and light as the land is constantly reshaped and reclaimed. To achieve this immediacy, I use the expressive freedom of direct gesture and mark making.

Studies begin with drawings and paintings en plein air which are developed through a traditional felt-making process back in the studio using British and Norwegian pure wools, flax, linen and silks. Work includes mixed media paintings which stand alongside the ‘painterly’ fibre pieces, to provide further context to my work.

Staacks, 83 Banks Road, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 0RA. Tel: 0151 625 0229