Tate Liverpool: Tate Exchange: We all come from somewhere

    Image credit Marina Moreno
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    Tate Liverpool: Tate Exchange: We all come from somewhere

    Venue: Tate Liverpool
    Dates: 31/03/19
    Times: 11:30 - 16:30

    UNTIL 31 MARCH 2019 AT 11.30–16.30

    A series of participatory events exploring the importance of human movement around the world

    Movement, the exchange of ideas and cultures are subjects that influence us and have an artistic and meaningful impact on our lives and shared histories.

    Join us in Tate Exchange and make sculptures, using shipyard rope to measure where you have come from and the distance you have travelled to Tate Gallery. Discover the music, history and influences from around the world, tell us your stories, meet new neighbours and exchange thoughts and conversation.

    ARTEMOTION are Marina Moreno and Michael Meldru

    With the participation of Dr. Edson Burton, Jenny Davis, Moussa Kouyate, Dr. Jacek Ludwig Scarso, Christopher Switzer, Ivan Fernandez De Cordoba, Mohamed Jebelhabibi.

    Lottery funded by Arts Council England, supported by Arts in Development, Asylum Link Merseyside,The Cass London Met, Hamilton House Bristol, Diverse Artists, Tribe of Doris, Rocio Bucheli Gallery.