Victoria Gallery & Museum: Jazz in Britain: A New Jazz Age?

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    Victoria Gallery & Museum: Jazz in Britain: A New Jazz Age?

    Venue: Victoria Gallery & Museum
    Dates: 03/04/19
    Times: 17:00

    Jazz in Britain: A New Jazz Age?

    03 April 2019 
    5.00 PM

    Location:Leggate Lecture Theatre

    Movement, Place and Meaning: Public Lectures in the Arts

    A thought-provoking new series of public lectures exploring the theme of ‘Movement, Place and Meaning’ from the perspective of interconnected disciplines in the School of the Arts: Architecture, Communication and Media, English, Music and Philosophy.

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    This Session: Jazz in Britain: A New Jazz Age?

    Professor Catherine Tackley, Department of Music, addresses recent reports of a ‘jazz resurgence’ and asks could we be entering a new ‘jazz age’? The adoption of jazz in Britain has always been more complex than simply the emulation of the American sources. With comparative reference to interwar ‘jazz age’ in Britain, this lecture explores how jazz has permeated everyday life, identifies the infinite and various schemes of encounter that contribute to the mixed reception that the music has received, and explores the resultant artistic responses in huge variety of media and formats. Studying these reactions to jazz provides unique perspectives on British culture and society, then and now.

    This event will coincide with the centary of the arrival of The Original Dixieland Jazz Band in Liverpool.

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