The Royal Standard: Life… Oh Life

The Royal Standard: Life… Oh Life

The Royal Standard: Life… Oh Life

Venue: The Royal Standard
Date(s): 24.2.17 - 26.3.17
Time(s): All Day

Life… Oh Life

Opening night: 24/02/17, 6-9pm
25/02/17 – 26/03/17
Open Saturday and Sunday, and by appointment

Andy Nizinskyj
Reece Straw
Lucy Vann

It’s all in the mind. Change your mind, change your life.

If you watch enough motivational videos on YouTube phases like this will become a well known mantra to you. Imbued with ritualistic positivity, it is so easy to consume the alluring connotations these words convey. Inspired. Motivated. Unable to think twice.

Life… Oh Life aims to unpack how change breeds hysteria. It will analyse anxieties old and new, whilst  emotionally examining feelings of melancholy, contrasted with euphoria. The exhibition will feature new works by artists Lucy Vann, Andy Nizinskyj and Reece Straw. In order to empathetically present struggle, the exhibition will have a visible public programme that will research how we cope, asking: how we can help one another, rather than passively consume each other’s misery?