Pyramid Arts: The Making of Muriel by Womanstanley

Pyramid Arts: The Making of Muriel by Womanstanley
Pyramid Arts: The Making of Muriel by Womanstanley

Venue: Warrington Pyramid & Parr Hall
Dates: 30/09/2016 - 29/10/2016
Times: All Day

The Making of Muriel by Womanstanley

Womanstanley are a group of volunteers who are passionate about their roots and hometown and call for a more inclusive, accessible and exciting art scene in Warrington.

Their exhibitions express the belief that if someone has a piece of art to show, they should be given a platform to show it. Womanstanley’s existence encourages others to have the confidence to make something happen in the places they grew up or live in.

Womanstanley’s exhibitions have been a catalyst for conversation and have forged creative networks and new relationships and opportunities for artists. This year, Womanstanley will extend from its hometown of Warrington to Leeds for their first away exhibition: Muriel.

Muriel will explore the notion of home, reconsidering what the word really means in a Britain under housing crisis. From the rain that runs over a graffiti-clad step in a cold public doorway, to the soft trickle of a pond that adorns the lawns of a country manor: everybody needs a home.

The methods and techniques seen in the work on display will range from painting and embroidery, to installation, sculpture and performance.

The Making of Muriel welcomes visitors to witness these methods and artists at work as they create their vision for the Leeds exhibition, Muriel. The public are invited to exchange in a dialogue with the artists through an open studio style exhibition.

Womanstanley are also exhibiting past work in Betty’s Hotpot at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery during WCAF16.

Muriel will open at Assembly House, Leeds on Friday 11 November 2016.