Pyramid Arts Centre: Echo

Pyramid Arts Centre: Echo
Pyramid Arts Centre: Echo

Venue: Warrington Pyramid & Parr Hall
Dates: 29/09/2017 - 27/01/2018
Times: All Day

Holly Rowan Hesson

Echo is a new site-specific installation by Holly Rowan Hesson commissioned by Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival. The projection and sculptural work creates dialogues with materials, memory and the physical space. Hesson will continue her work on the installation with new work being added to the space mid-way through the exhibition.

Holly Rowan Hesson’s work explores the gap between and interplay within purely sensory feeling and experience and more literal, rational thought-based experience and an interest in the validity of uncertainty when approaching, experiencing and decoding the visual.

Through intuitive and process-led image making, she create dialogues with material, sites and residual memories. This regularly starts from interrogations in specific man-made structures, buildings and physical spaces.

Exploring uncertainty and transience, Hesson’s work is concerned with the actual fragility and transitory nature of what seems solid, weighty and permanent, both physically and also in the way things are perceived.

Using the visual language and formal concerns of abstraction, her resulting sculptural and installation work is multi-layered, often with uncertain depth of focus.

Image: Holly Rowan Hesson, Assembly, 2016, projection (looped series of 147 stills for each of three projectors), chairs, dimensions variable
Photo credit: Jules Lister