Norton Priory: Home. Land

Norton Priory: Home. Land

Norton Priory: Home. Land

Venue: Norton Priory Museum & Gardens
Date(s): 27.4.23 - 31.5.23
Time(s): All Day


27 APRIL – 31 MAY 2023

Part of the HOME project

The two featured Ukrainian photography projects demonstrate different aspects of being with a place – from owning to conquering it to cultivating or occupying it. In Anatoliy Babiychuk’s project, the village of Horaivka stands as an exemplary story of a small village that has kept a traditional way of living, cultivating a deep connection with the land typical of Ukrainian tradition.

Exhibited in the walled garden, Black on Prussian Blue by Andriy Dostliev and Lia Dostlieva explores the notion of a perpetrator’s gaze based on the study of the photographs from the family album of a Wehrmacht soldier who served in the Luftwaffe during WWII.

The exhibition is a part of the HOME programme, organised by Open Eye Gallery and commissioned by Culture Liverpool for EuroFestival. Working together with Ukrainian curators Viktoria Bavykina and Max Gorbatskyi (Ukrainian. Photographies) and partners in Liverpool City Region, HOME reflects on the question What does home mean?

An app, designed by University of Liverpool team, will lead the EuroFestival guests and Liverpool City Region locals to independent spaces to see Home-themed Ukrainian photography collections in 5 trails across the city region. The themes of the trails are Land, Making, Liberty, Resistance, Settings. Norton Priory Museum and Gardens is the end point of the Land trail.

Norton Priory Museum and Gardens will also host an artwork by a contemporary Ukrainian photographer and a postcard for sale from the front desk – profit will go to the Hospitallers medical group, an organisation focusing on sourcing and delivering medical supplies for paramedics who save human lives in Ukraine. We invite everyone to collect the postcards and upload your own poem, lyric or a letter in response.

Norton Priory Museum and Gardens opening times:

 10am – 5pm Monday and Tuesday

Closed Wednesday and Thursday 

10am – 5pm Friday – Sunday

The Walled Garden is open 12pm – 4pm on the days the museum is open

Ticket prices are £7.25 – £29. Buy advance tickets

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About the HOME project

Image credit: Anatoliy Babiychuk, from the Horaivka series, 2009–2018