Headspace@EggSpace: blue skies & detritus jewels, a collection by nick watson

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    Headspace@EggSpace: blue skies & detritus jewels, a collection by nick watson

    Venue: HeadSpace at EggSpace
    Dates: 22/09/16 - 30/10/16
    Times: All Day

    blue skies & detritus jewels,
    a collection by Nick Watson

    We are pleased to tell you this week we have a new exhibition starting with a collection of paintings by Nick Watson.

    Please come along on Thursday 22nd September for the private view from 7-8:30pm. Have a look around at the artwork whilst sipping a beverage in the wonderful atmosphere at the egg.

    The exhibition runs until 30th October if you can’t make the opening night

    Here’s what the artist has to say about his work and inspiration…

    Essentially I am an eco artist. I make paintings of idealised landscapes
    under blue skies and I use a lot of recycled and found materials to make
    relief pictures, many of which could be described as detritus jewels as
    I like to create decorative pieces using reflective surfaces.

    I’m interested in blue sky because it represents something spiritual for
    me – something above and beyond the cares of man and yet something
    always with us. That something so beautiful, so awesome and beyond real
    comprehension exists at all hints at the presence of a benign creator in
    the middle of all this darkness. The landscapes vary from imagined greek
    mythologies to remembered parts of the british landscape which I’ve
    actually visited. Some of the more recent blue sky pictures have applied
    elements which I think adds another layer of complexity and visual
    interest to these pieces. I use dip pen and ink in a number of blue sky
    pictures which represents my interests in abstraction – creating two
    dimensional shapes to depict topographical form – and my historical
    experience with drawing in this medium, something which goes back maybe
    25 years.