The Gallery at Bank Quay House: WCAF17 LAUNCH NIGHT

The Gallery at Bank Quay House: WCAF17 LAUNCH NIGHT

The Gallery at Bank Quay House: WCAF17 LAUNCH NIGHT

Venue: Gallery at Bank Quay House
Date(s): 29.9.17
Time(s): 18:00 - 21:00


This year’s Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival will launch on Friday 29 September with the announcement of the Open competition winners and a ‘cultural crawl’ tour of the venues.

This exciting event will give the public a first glimpse of entries to the Art and Photography Open competitions, which will be displayed at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery and The Gallery at Bank Quay House respectively from the launch night until the end of October.

The first place prizes are £250 and a solo exhibition in 2018 and runners-up are awarded £100.

Also confirmed for the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival (WCAF) programme will be a new installation called Echo by Holly Rowan Hesson, at Pyramid arts centre.

The installation explores uncertainty, transience and the gap between, and interplay within, purely sensory feeling and experience and more literal, rational thought-based experience and memory.

Ellen Sampson, an artist who explores the relationships between bodily experience, memory and artefacts, will be using film, photography and installation at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery in an exhibition called Worn: footwear, attachment and affective experience.

The launch night on Friday 29 September begins at 6pm in The Gallery at Bank Quay House, followed by a trail around the exhibitions and venues, before the Open competition winners are announced at 8pm in Warrington Museum & Art Gallery.

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