dot-art: Borderline

dot-art: Borderline
dot-art: Borderline

Venue: dot-art Gallery
Dates: 11/07/2019 - 25/08/2019
Times: 10:00 - 17:00

dot-art: Borderline

Launch takes place Thursday 11th July, 5-7pm

The dot-art Gallery’s new exhibition, Borderline, opens on Friday 12th July and will showcase the work of five North West based artists, each exploring the relationship between geographical boundaries in a variety of artistic styles.

Ralph Waldo Emerson described the horizon as ‘the point of astonishment’. However, it isn’t a point, it is a line. This exhibition showcases a new way to connect with landscapes; each artist depicting the space where two natural edges meet and where one surface borders with another. The artists reflect and interpret our physical landscapes, painting the overlapping of elements at coastlines, cliff edges, open plains and the liminal transition from sea to sky.

Simon Cooper is a Manchester based artist whose monotonal landscapes were first created to reflect his personal experience of grief and the hope and optimism born from a state of grievance. His metaphorical use of resisting verticals and the demarcations of rocky cliffs against soft hues of cloud depict the complex stages of emotion from depression to enlightenment.

Grahame Ashcroft is a professional artist based in Merseyside. His works are in private and municipal collections both in the UK, Europe and USA. A colourist painter, Grahame’s intense yet elegant depictions of naturally occurring borders form vibrant and joyful compositions of mountain peaks and lively coastlines.

North Wales based painter Catherine Taylor Parry is inspired by natural forms in her work, the subtle suggestion of boundary lines in each of her pieces are highlighted by flecks of bright colour creating atmospheric and poetic scenes.

Lancashire artist Rob Edmondson includes both coast and moorland in his naturalistic paintings. The focus of his art is deeply introspective, as for each piece he considerately questions the composition, exploiting light to accentuate the fluid boundary between two elements.

Kevin Adams is largely self-taught. His natural ability to use flowing composition emphasises the blending of water to sky. Often using pastel tones, Kevin’s coastal depictions reflect the meditative qualities of local shorelines.

The exhibition continues until 25th August. Entry is free and all are welcome.