Car Park Space: ‘De-CON-struction’ by TPA

Car Park Space: 'De-CON-struction' by TPA

Car Park Space: ‘De-CON-struction’ by TPA

Venue: Car Park Space
Date(s): 13.11.15
Time(s): 19:00 - 21:00

One Night Only – Friday 13 November 2015, 19.00 – 21.00

TPA (Trans-Pennine Artists), is a new collective of 5 recent fine art graduates from Leeds.

Since finishing their degrees, each of the artists have returned to their respective cities (and town).

With more and more creative spaces being sold off to make way for property developers, the group are interested in utilising empty spaces for site-specific shows as sort of final ‘send-off ‘ before they are sent to the creative cemetery.

‘De-CON-struction’ is a group show that is the first, of a series, of knots to be tied between the different northern locations; Kendal, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, and Sheffield.

Artists: Joseph Cotgrave; Annabell Crossley; Alice Walton; Aishah Burrows; and Pippa Eason.

Catch their eclectic mix of practices, from painterly-installations, to playful performances, this November at the Car Park Space (45-61 Duke Street).

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