Bluecoat: Rise Up! Children & Young People’s Gallery

Bluecoat: Rise Up! Children & Young People's Gallery
Bluecoat: Rise Up! Children & Young People’s Gallery

Venue: Bluecoat
Dates: 05/07/2019 - 29/09/2019
Times: All Day

Children and young people across the world are taking action to protect their futures and the environment they inhabit. We invite you to join them and stand up for climate justice, through a series of artist-led workshops across the summer. Occupy the first floor gallery, organise amongst friends and explore how art can respond to what is happening to our planet.

Exhibition Launch 

Fri 5 Jul | 6-9pm 

Hear from the artists, explore the exhibitions for the first time and enjoy a drink in our bar.

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Sat 13 Jul | 1 – 4pm

Inspired by Liverpool’s recent CL victory and also the England team’s successes in the Women’s World Cup, we will be working on a series of activities designed around working together as a team to protect the planet. The workshop is designed as much as possible to be about communal action and hope and possibility for a better future.


Collage Banners Activist World Cup

Create your own collage banner inspired by how you want to see the world in future years.

Filling in the Blanks News From Nowhere IRL

 Inspired by William Morris’s Utopian future novel “News From Nowhere” Alice will write and imagined story about waking up in a future Liverpool. Children will be encouraged to ‘fill in the blanks’ either with words from their own imagination, or cutting and sticking provided examples of words from a bowl.

Logo Flags Climate Defenders FC!

On small paper flags, design your own logo for Climate Defenders FC, along with a slogan which represents their interests. Coloured sticky paper, pens and letter stamps will be provided.

Materials List Roll of Green Paper Chalk pens Pre made paper flags Sticky coloured paper Letter Stamps Newspapers/magazines and google image printouts Letter stencils/Pens/scissors/glue

Fri 2 Aug | 1 – 4pm

Explore the wonder and the fragility of nature on Earth with this free arts workshop for children and young people, led by Survey artist Chris Alton.

Using collages of printed imagery, your own drawings and 3D materials, work together to make freestanding ‘city-scapes’, which incorporate places to live, work, learn, and play. Use your imagination and create your own ecological cities of the future.

Chris will also encourage participants to think about how the city will create its energy, and dispose of its waste; these are key issues that all cities face with regard to tackling climate change.

Sat 31 Aug 1 – 4pm

TBC – more info coming soon!