Bluecoat: The EVP Sessions

Bluecoat: The EVP Sessions

Bluecoat: The EVP Sessions

Venue: Bluecoat
Date(s): 10.11.16
Time(s): 20:00 - 22:00

Electronic Voice Phenomena returns with a series of electrifying live sessions featuring the best in hauntology, spoken word, glitch art and music.


The EVP Sessions takes its inspiration from Konstantin Raudive’s notorious Breakthrough experiments of the 1970s, in which he divined spirit voices from electronic white noise. Each session includes a range of new commissioned work alongside special guests – each performance resonating psychic echoes of technological ruptures and corporeal gasps, peering in at what lies beneath our circuit-boards and screens.

For November’s instalment, acclaimed experimental writer Tom McCarthy makes a live, sound-tracked recording of his Booker-shortlisted novel Satin Island with live coding from Shelly Knotts and Alo Allik; Scottish poet Harry Giles presents Drone, a spoken word and sound art performance about remote technology and anxiety; Jennet Thomasperforms surrealist linguistic accelerationism; and Alexis Milne combines post-apocalyptic text performance with original costume, sculpture and hoverboard. Award-winning poet and spiritualist raconteur Ross Sutherland plays [g]host with a newly commissioned series of Truther-style video works.

EVP is a collaboration between east London alternative literature producer Penned in the Margins and Liverpool arts innovators Mercy. Expect to be thrilled, entertained and haunted in a show audiences have described as “mind-boggling” and “perplexingly good”.

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