ArtHouse SCA: Anne Stark, A Life Full of Stitch

ArtHouse SCA: Anne Stark, A Life Full of Stitch
ArtHouse SCA: Anne Stark, A Life Full of Stitch

Dates: 28/03/2020 - 02/05/2020
Times: All Day


“A life full of Stitch”

Anne Stark will be taking over the SCA window display with her stitched textiles during March to April as Southport Contemporary Arts selected Artist of the Month.  Anne’s passion for all things stitchery is not a recent obsession:  “I have stitched for as long as I can remember.  Embroidery kits as a child, and by the time I was sixteen, I was making my own clothes.” Even after marriage and raising a family, Anne was reluctant to allow any let up on her enthusiasm for the craft: “I stitched for all of us including furnishings for around the house.”

Working as an occupational therapist left little time for pursuing her art, but she was abIe to grab some valuable time from her busy schedule and started to study painting at evening classes. 

Now retired, Anne has a different attitude to her art: “On retirement, I found I could stitch for fun and not necessity, so I enrolled myself onto a City and Guilds course in Design and Creative Embroidery at The School of Stitched Textiles at Eccles Farm Needcraft Centre in Ormskirk.”  Five years later in 2005, Anne had successfully completed part one and then eventually gained the Diploma two years later in 2007.  Today she is still aiming to expand her understanding of design by further developing her knowledge and skill base: “Experimenting and working with different media is exciting and I always carry a camera with me as inspiration can strike at anytime!”  

She welcomes the challenge each new task brings: “The source of fresh work may be a recent item in the news, something I have seen and probably photographed or from the wish to work with in a particular way.  Perhaps even by dyeing or painting fabric or through using a digital image to provide an alternative background.”

Anne enjoys the motivation and encouragement of being part of a group: “I enjoy my membership of Southport Contemporary Arts and the One Step On Textile Art Group.  Both provide me with a source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement along with the added advantages of opportunities to display and exhibit my work.”

Although, primarily a tactile crafter, Anne also also paints in oils:  “Painting is a secondary activity, but I find that knowledge learned in one area is often transferable into another.”

A selection of Anne’s stitched textiles can be viewed from 28th March – 2nd May at SCA/ArtHouse, 65 Eastbank Street (Tues thro Fri 10.00 – 15.00 and Sat 11.00 – 16.00).


If you’re looking for creativity in stitch don’t hesitate.