ArtHouse: Land, Sea, Sky – Frank Barnes

ArtHouse: Land, Sea, Sky - Frank Barnes
ArtHouse: Land, Sea, Sky – Frank Barnes

Venue: ArtHouse Gallery
Dates: 06/07/2021 - 17/07/2021
Times: All Day

Frank Barnes

6th-17th July 2021
Tues-Fri: 10am-3pm/Sat: 11am-4pm

Southport Contemporary Arts
65 Eastbank Street, Southport

Although Frank Barnes lives and works in Southport, his colourful and instinctive conceptual paintings have been exhibited across the UK, Europe and North America. Keen eyed ‘sandgrounders’ will now have the opportunity to catch up with Frank’s latest artwork at The ArtHouse in July. Titled, ‘Land, Sea and Sky’, Frank explains, “although my paintings are non- figurative, they are not necessarily abstract. All my work is laden with representational sources and references related to memories of locations and events. Such memories are of being in places and memories of experiences.” For his latest group of paintings Frank admits to being “inspired by the light, shadow, colours and textures of landscape and in particular coastal horizons and skies.” Adding, “Painting for me, is like taking a walk, you never know quite which way you’re going to go or what you’ll find yourself focusing on.”

Frank’s regular exercise routine has certainly fed into his current display of paintings: “Living on the coast I take the opportunity to take daily walks throughout the year along the coastline. Walking through a familiar landscape, such as the Sefton coastline, at different times of the day or year, in brilliant summer sunlight, or on a dark grey afternoon I don’t always take the same route, and come upon familiar things from a different angle. You see them in a new setting.”

There is certainly an impressionistic freedom evident in Frank’s spontaneous mark-making that reinforces his passion for 20th century art and its creators.

Frank’s large acrylic painting, ‘Into The Mystic’ is typical of his distinctive approach: “The painting takes its title from a Van Morrison song of the same name, inspired by sunrise as dawn is breaking over the beach close to where I live. This painting intends to capture the dramatic atmosphere of a glorious sunrise just as dawn is breaking. Light from the early morning sun cascades onto the wet beach. It is a breezy morning and the receding tidal waves are capped in white. This isn’t a literal painting. It doesn’t attempt to replicate a ‘scene’, but it does try to capture the atmosphere of an open beach seascape. I see it as a hopeful image that looks to the future, that takes us into the light and away from these recent dark times.”