92 Degrees: Gabalau

92 Degrees: Gabalau

92 Degrees: Gabalau

Venue: 92 Degrees Coffee
Date(s): 8.5.19 - 22.6.19
Time(s): All Day

The Artist

Laura Gallego (Gabalau) is a Spanish contemporary artist living and working in Liverpool.

Laura makes colourful abstract paintings that are a translation of the energy which she perceives in the moment of creation into an ever evolving visual lexicon of marks, shapes and vibrant colours. This energy may come from her life experiences, but quite often it comes from somewhere else, and her process of creation is a channelling experience where she is not thinking anymore and simply feels led by the process of making, which only reveals what it is necessary for her to see at a time, no more and no less. It feels like a serendipitous co- creation with the universe. For Laura, creating in this way is a practice of surrendering to the unknown, to that in life which is out of our control. Hence, painting becomes her spiritual practice, her medicine.

At present, Laura is inspired and fascinated about: The vibrational nature of everything that exists in our world, nature and its undeniable wisdom, how emotions leave a sensory imprint in our bodies which can be traced back for healing, how what resonates with us can heal us, how our intuition holds more knowledge than our mind can comprehend, and the notion of how to find fluidity in a reality which is often perceived as solid and perennial, but is, in fact, impermanent.


What happens when you flow? What brings you into that state? Does it happen spontaneously? Can you do something to elicit flow?

The artworks exhibited here are an expression of my state of flow. They carry the vibration of those blissful and mind-free moments when the time feels infinite and relative, when everything stops and there is only you, you and your being, your soul. When that happens, I start to sing and dance without even realising it. Painting is one of my triggers for flowing.

What is yours?

This exhibition is an invitation to find your flow, to being in it for a moment or two, to wonder about yourself, about what brings you joy, about what happens when you are in it…

Welcome to your flow my friend!