The Royal Standard: Art Club with Mimi Winsor

The Royal Standard: Art Club with Mimi Winsor
The Royal Standard: Art Club with Mimi Winsor

Venue: The Royal Standard
Dates: 05/05/2019
Times: 14:00 - 17:00

5th May 2-3.30pm // Art Club with Mimi Winsor

Art Club and artist Mimi Winsor join us to discuss the exhibition.


About Mimi Winsor

‘I am interested in the explorative act of making; the relationship between people and objects, as well as the interaction between action and material.

From the repetition of mundane movements to absurd gestures, I set out to investigate materiality, mass and physicality, by creating process-based works.

I believe that things are best understood through physical exploration and try to present a tangible encounter. Humour, play, along with elements of mishap and chance are encouraged within the work.

By presenting my process, using bright colours, succulent textures and contrasting forms, I hope to trigger the imagination, asking the viewer to draw on physical memory, as to what these familiar yet strange works could be.’

Mimi Winsor is a London-based artist and production designer. Since graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design with her award-winning degree show, Winsor has had three solo exhibitions. Her previous work includes commissions for the Tate, Discovery Channel, Chelsea Parade Ground, Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital and Ovalhouse Theatre.

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Part of the programme for Let The Hands Do the Talking, 13 April – 17 May