The Royal Standard: Biomorphosis with Millie Layton

The Royal Standard: Biomorphosis with Millie Layton
The Royal Standard: Biomorphosis with Millie Layton

Venue: The Royal Standard
Dates: 04/05/2019
Times: 14:00 - 17:00

4th May 2-5pm // Biomorphosis with Millie Layton

A fiendish workshop, in which we will carve and construct a new family of creatures, using traditional methods of clay sculpting and casting.


About Millie Layton

‘My current practice explores our relationship with animate and inanimate objects. I aim to create new freedoms working with sickly structures, colours, movement and interaction.

I am interested in the balance between an object being purely ‘object’ and when we start to anthropomorphise it. I try to extend this fine line and mess about with it. I create sculptures which become characters interacting with one another to depict stories of uncanny new worlds. I use movement and interaction to ignite an object’s life and I’m interested in the conversation and language we then use to describe objects that move but don’t live.’

Millie Layton completed a BA in Sculpture and Environment Art at The Glasgow School of Art in 2017 and is currently studying at Royal Academy Schools, London. She was shortlisted for The Woon Foundation Prize in 2017. Her recent exhibitions include Mere  Monads at Subsidiary Projects, London, RSA New Contemporaries at Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh and Th-th-th-that’s all folks! curated by Rhino collective at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.

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Part of the programme for Let The Hands Do the Talking, 13 April – 17 May