100 Seel Street: Working in Zeros and Ones – Carol Emmas

100 Seel Street: Working in Zeros and Ones - Carol Emmas

100 Seel Street: Working in Zeros and Ones – Carol Emmas

Venue: F.Ewe Publishing House
Date(s): 14.12.19 - 21.12.19
Time(s): All Day

100 Seel Street.

Working in Zeros and Ones – Carol Emmas.

Near the top of Seel Street there is a green door and behind that door is a potential new gallery space with aspirations to host exciting work from visionary artists from spring 2020 onwards.

To demonstrate the space and what it has to offer, there is an opportunity to view a temporary installation of the larger works of abstract photographic artist Carol Emmas launching this weekend (December 14) until January 1, 2020. The space will be open from 12- 2pm on Saturday 14th & 21st December for visitors who would like to take time away from the busy festivities to reflect on something more gently contemplative. If the gallery is closed and you like what you see through the window you can make an appointment to view and talk to the artist.

Carol Emmas is an abstract artist who works with photography and has recently completed a practice lead M.Res in Art & Design at LJMU with research into the history, theory and direction of non-representational art photography. The exhibition is a selection of larger pieces of abstract work related to this research and earlier works that describe the trajectory to her current practice. In her practice, she works with found materials and textures including elements such as fire, light and water to create imagined and fleeting partial landscapes. Her current body of work On Nature and the Environment and Think on These Things gives a gentle nod to topical issues of the day.

The artist is keen to start a dialogue with other artist practitioners working in similar fields, particularly non-representational/ abstract art photographers to curate exhibitions throughout 2020.

Website – carolemmas.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caroemmas/