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World Premier at Projection Gallery, Saturday Oct 7

The Projection Gallery are proud to present the World Premiere of


at the Projection Gallery, 2 Roscoe St, Liverpool,
Saturday 7th of October from 19.00 onwards,
with a guest appearance of Micheal Mantas, the star of the film.

“Make no mistake, here we face death!”

Iggy Shark, a strange and beautiful “Militant Bohemian” seeks refuge from the high-voltage, circa 9/11 British squat scene, that is, psychedelic drugs, polymorphous sex, egomaniacal polemics.

He re-coils into the role of a battle-weary returned son in the backwaters of Ontario Canada, and the matrix of a repressive Greek-family diner on the side of a motorway. “I return to this land of frozen emptiness, this land in
which I resemble no one”.

Follow Iggy’s journey, as it takes him from self-proclaimed Godfather of Cool Britannia’s steaming underbelly, to a broken man who lives above a truck stop, and who’s “greatest sin” is a wasted life.

IGNATIUS (STUDY FOR A MURDER OF AN ALTER-EGO) makes it’s world premier at The projection Gallery as part of the Independents at Liverpool’s Biennial Contemporary Art Festival in association with The Art Organisation.