Monday, July 15, 2024
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‘Site’ Art Space Opens at Albert Dock

site-1.jpgWhy does it always rain when I decide to walk all the way to the Albert Dock for an art event?

And why is Martin Downie, Director of John Moores University School of Art and Design, talking to a giant inflatable pink flower?

Well, I can answer the 2nd question. He is actually addressing a large audience who where here for the launch of ‘Site‘ but we were all standing around the edges of the room as the huge artwork, ‘Happy Together’ by Jeong Hwa Choi takes up most of the central space.

This is the work you may recognise was hanging high up in Lime Street Station during the 2004 Biennial. Its interesting to see it so close up and its one of a few pieces on show that have been in the Biennial’s ‘attic’ for a few years and brought out for this inaugural show entitled ‘Castles in the Air‘ in the unit at Albert Dock that used to be the Ocean store.

This is the result of a new partnership between LJMU’s Art School and the Albert Dock who are keen to ‘illuminate’ some of their vacant spaces.
There will be a whole series of exhibitions, also using some of the other units and even some of the degree shows will be held here.

John Byrne from LJMU and The Biennial’s Paul Domela put the show together and apart from the old Biennial works a group of current art students went crazy with paint and ideas on the theme of ‘Castles in the Air’ to cover the 4 large panels on the end wall.

This could be very exciting, I just wish it wouldn’t always rain.
I need to check on opening times etc.