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Kino Sputnik FC at Baltic Creative


Kino Sputnik FC. – Brian Williams & Andy Eastwood at Baltic Creative Venue, 45 New Bird St Liverpool L1 OBW. 4-13 April 2011.

Opening times in April: Wed 6th 14-17.00. Friday 8th 20-22.00, Sat 9th 14-17.00, Tues 12th 14-17.00, Wed 13th 20-22.00

Now here’s something a bit different. A 5-a-side football match under strobe lighting, players dressed in black and white, the pitch and ball also black and white and it’s filmed.

So here we have a projection of the film and the stage set with added extras like the old caravan, go-cart and foggy atmosphere hinting at the post-war period in Britain.

What does it mean? Maybe something to do with sport being futile anyway so let’s take it the max. nobody really wins, only the game. I don’t know, I rarely attempt to understand art, I just enjoy it and I did enjoy this. You can too if you’re quick, only 2 more days scheduled.

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Photos by Minako Jackson