Saturday, July 20, 2024

Finding Lost Time

UPDATE: This exhibition is at Edge Hill University until 15 April 2011

An appropriate title for an exhibition that’s been and gone (it finished on 20 Feb 2011). I’ve been trawling through old emails, trying to catch up – that’s what weekends are for right? Sadly we sometimes get more stuff sent to us than we can possible deal with immediately and I’ve overlooked a few things.

The video above was the multimedia version shown in Barcelona, the hardcopy version was in the Botanic Gardens Museum in Southport in February. I have never been to this Museum but noticed they’ve been showing a good range of exhibitions lately and this one looks lovely.

The ‘Finding Lost Time‘ project led by Andrew Conroy, emphasises ‘anti clarity’, timeless dreamscapes, ambivalent nostalgia, and an aesthetic that’s produced via the use of expired film, toy, lo-fi, vintage and obsolete cameras, and alternative print processes. The project’s website is well worth a look and is continually updated with new work from an extremely broad range of photographers- at

25 photographers involved in the project participated in the exhibition in Southport. The photographers in the show were from Ukraine, Taiwan, Canada, Italy, Canary Islands, England, Russia, Spain, France, Hungary, Finland, USA, and Germany. The exhibition catalogue can be seen at