Saturday, July 13, 2024

Liverpool Art Cafe

tom-murphy-d-post.jpgAs usual the Daily Post give us a good two page spread about a new venture (good) but fail to give us the full address or any contact details (bad).
This must be deliberate policy rather than incompetence, an unwillingness to give anything that looks like free advertising. Its a shame.
So the well-known local sculptor Tom Murphy has opened a cafe/gallery called Liverpool Art Cafe. Buried away in the text is the fact that its in West Derby Road. That’s a long road, I’m going to have to get my walking boots on and search for it.
Unless anyone out there can enlighten me??

Art for the people, not just the elite
Jun 6 2006
CAFE society is bringing art to a suburb of Liverpool, thanks to the sculptor Tom Murphy. David Charters reports
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