Monday, July 15, 2024

A City In Progress

A Creative partnership between Dyingfrog Arts Network, the Liverpool Culture Company, New City Vision, Alt Valley Neighbourhood Management Services and schools in the Ellergreen area.

This project created an outdoor art gallery on hoardings around a construction site. To see the artwork produced, follow the link to the Gallery.

The artworks were produced in response to the ‘dreams‘ brief supplied by the Culture Company and in response to the development works taking place in the Ellergreen area.

Eight groups of young people from Norris Green schools, a holiday club and nurseries took part in this project. Each group took part in two half day sessions, with the primary schools making a visit to the show houses or building site. Whilst there, they learnt about health and safety on site, and why they shouldn’t play there – this was led by Chris Cork, the Health and Safety officer for New City Vision. During this session they took photographs and made drawings of the existing houses, the houses being built and of the new show homes.

For the second session the primary school children either produced monoprints with artist Claire Weetman or created brightly coloured collages with artist Alex Jackson, based on their drawings and photographs from session one. The nursery age children followed a similar path, using simple shapes and building blocks to represent buildings and creating patterns using monoprints.

To get to the images, all of the artwork from all seven groups was taken to children at St Teresa’s Catholic Junior School, who expertly combined and arranged the work into the completed display, deciding on the background and adding their own little touches.

Over 170 children worked hard on this project over four weeks, experimenting with new artistic techniques, taking a closer look at the redevelopment in their area, and imagining what the changes could bring for them in future.

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