Monday, July 15, 2024
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Cains Brewery and 50 Parr St.

Last night I missed the private viewing at Open Eye because I was on a tour of Cains Brewery in Stanhope St. Its been there since 1850 and was owned by Higsons for many years. We learned a lot, not just about the beer and lager making process but also the sociopolitical role of the brewery since the mid 19th century. Followed by a couple of pints in the Brewery Tap, most ‘Estimable’.

So Open Eye had closed but the artists studios at 50 Parr St. were still open to the public so I ended up there. I’d never seen the place before, its quite small so there’s not much room for each of the 12 artists. Some splendid work on show, its open 10-6 each day until Sunday 12th June. The artists are: Anna Benson, Peter Cameron, Catherine Chart, Tim Ellis, Gareth Jones, Anna Ketskemety, Chek-Huo Leung, Sue Massey, Frank Moore, Marianne, Steve Strode and Nick Sykes.