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Jazz Ceramics and Glitter Ships

The Mersey River Festival 2005 got under way yesterday. I went along to see the launch of these ‘Glitter Ships’. They’re made by schoolchildren from old CDs. Designed by artist Liam Curtin, the project is brought into reality by Creative Education Manager Gaynor Wright from the Liverpool Culture Company and hundreds of children, young people and adults who have joined forces to construct the sailboats.
Pictured here are just the baby ones, the mother ship was launched eventually but was delayed and I got fed up waiting.

‘The Age of Jazz: British Art Deco Ceramics’ at the Walker until Oct 30th.
The viewing last night was opened with an interesting and amusing speech by Eric Knowles (of Antiques Roadshow amongst other things), the place was packed and very hot so not ideal viewing conditions. There’s a lot of humour in the works here, ‘uplifting’ is the word Curator, Sue Lunt, used, she’s spent the last 15 months getting the collection together from far and wide. They’re arranged in themes rather than by designers or ceramicists. So there’s a cabinet of figures, another of masks, plates etc. and this room setting of typical art deco furnishings.
Of course, there’s Clarice Cliffs, Suzie Cooper, Crown Devon and Shelley and the bizarre cubist-inspired cats of Louis Wain (my favourites). A jazz band were playing throughout the evening just to add to the 1930’s flavour.