World Museum: ‘Destination Space’ Education Programme Opens

World Museum: 'Destination Space' Education Programme Opens

World Museum: ‘Destination Space’ Education Programme Opens

Venue: World Museum
Date(s): 23.10.15
Time(s): 18:00 - 20:30

World Museum launches space-themed family events programme

World Museum is set to launch its Destination Space events programme this month with a host of exciting free activities and events for families to enjoy. The programme blasts off with a stargazing evening on Friday 23 October 2015, when visitors can explore outer space using telescopes, or take a virtual tour of the galaxies in the Planetarium.

The Museum is one of 20 science centres across the UK to have been selected to deliver the programme, which will include interactive family shows exploring life in space and regular hands-on craft workshops where younger visitors can design their own mission badges, create flip books to learn about the Moon’s cycle, and even make their own mini solar systems!

Visitors can enjoy live demonstrations of the University of Liverpool’s Mars rover robots, learning all about the university’s research in this field. World Museum will also partner with Liverpool John Moores University sports scientists for ‘Mission X’; an international learning challenge focusing on fitness and nutrition, designed to show us how to ‘train like an astronaut’.

Jon Marrow, Senior Education Manager at National Museums Liverpool, said: “The thinking behind Destination Space is very much at the heart of what we do here at World Museum. We want to encourage young people to get excited about science and the world around them; to be curious, to feel confident in asking big questions and to learn in a fun, hands-on way.”

In hosting Destination Space, World Museum joins forces with the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut, Tim Peake. Tim is expected to travel to the International Space Centre in December 2015, where he will live and work for six months.

Backed by the UK Space Agency, the programme aims to provide children with a unique opportunity to join Tim’s crew, learn about human space flight and follow life on the International Space Station through special video links.

Dr David Parker, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency, said: “Human spaceflight is the ultimate in team effort with many committed individuals working to get an astronaut into space. We wanted the Destination Space programme to recognise the talents of the people who support Tim Peake and in doing so showcase all the fantastic career opportunities this sector offers young people.

“Our Destination Space family shows and school workshops at 20 science centres across the UK allow visitors to learn more about Tim Peake’s mission, get hands-on training and find out all about the great people that work behind the scenes in human space flight.”

Online, Destination Space will follow Tim’s adventures in space and encourage the UK to get behind his mission through the inspiring figures who will be supporting his adventures. Everyone can sign up for training with Tim and share their endeavours via a social media command centre.

A unique personality tool has also been developed that allows people to secure their place in Tim’s crew, assigning everyone a role based on their interests and preferences. To join the Destination Space crew, visit

For more information on the Destination Space programme at World Museum, including upcoming event listings, visit

Special curriculum-linked activities for school children aged 5-14 will begin at World Museum in January 2016, during Tim Peake’s time in space.