Annual Gardner Medwin Lecture given by Paul Scott

Annual Gardner Medwin Lecture given by Paul Scott

Annual Gardner Medwin Lecture given by Paul Scott

Venue: Bluecoat Display Centre
Date(s): 22.10.15
Time(s): 14:30 - 16:30

£4.95 each (£3.95 BDC Members & concs)*

We are delighted that Paul Scott – the artist, writer, educator and curator, of our forthcoming exhibition ‘Re- reanimate, repair, meld & mend’ , will deliver an illustrated talk about his work for our annual lecture in memory of the founder of the Bluecoat Display Centre, Robert Gardner-Medwin.

Paul Scott is an artist best known for his research into ceramics and print. He creates individual pieces that blur the boundaries between fine art, craft and design.

His practice is diverse, so as well as making individual artworks, installations and artefacts for exhibition, he also works to commission, writes, teaches and curates.

“Clay is often seen as an expressive medium. Studio potters speak of their pleasure in handling the raw material, in exploring techniques, and in creating form. Paul Scott takes a different kind of pleasure in his work. His engagement is with the surface rather than the substance of the clay, and even then he shows little interest in experimenting with its formal qualities. Instead he emulates the look of mass produced consumer wares. In spite of this (or perhaps because of it) his work is unmistakable. In Paul Scott’s hands domestic ceramics mutate into subversive comments on our life and times. His manipulation of the established vocabularies of printed motifs and patterns, and his use of the traditional blue and white, gives his work a particular resonance that leans on our recognition of its roots.”

– Dr Jo Dahn in ‘Remember Me’ catalogue essay for exhibition held at University of Wales, 2001.

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