Wall to Wall Gallery: Ron Chadwick, ‘Icon Art Man’

Wall to Wall Gallery: Ron Chadwick, ‘Icon Art Man’

Wall to Wall Gallery: Ron Chadwick, ‘Icon Art Man’

Date(s): 23.4.16
Time(s): 09:30

Saturday 23 April – Saturday 7 May 2016

Ron Chadwick, ‘Icon Art Man’ – Solo Exhibition

Wall to Wall Gallery, Liverpool, in association with Cheshire Art Agencies.

This is Ron’s debut show in the North of England, and runs from Saturday 23rd April – when the Artist will be joining us in store for a personal appearance (12.00 – 17.00) – to Saturday 7th May 2016.

Front and centre of the exhibition will be a series of paintings and limited edition works of the Beatles, including a painting of the Fab Four in Hamburg entitled, “Four Lads Who Changed My World”. This piece holds particular relevance to Ron, since it was the Beatles who first inspired the young Ronald to pick up his biro and begin sketching and painting the kind of icons through which he has forged his name as an artist. These works are now sold in galleries and feature in collections worldwide.

Ron’s style is heavily influenced by the pop cultural revolution of the 1960s, both by the pioneering musicians of the day – many of whom feature prominently in this exhibition – while also calling back to some of the great popular artists of the era, such as Jackson Pollock, Norman Rockwell & Richard Hamilton.

His natural flamboyance and sense of the theatrical are evident in these paintings; having now spent four decades as a working painter, he has a vast armoury of experience, styles and techniques to draw on, and the freedom that kind of knowledge brings with it sings throughout this striking body of work. As Ron himself puts it; “I do it for myself… I like to see what paint does and how it moves about the canvas”.

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